Woods & Laminates

At Kings Carpets we pride ourselves on the range of beautiful wooden floors & laminates we carry.

Here at Kings Carpets we are as passionate about offering a professional service as we are about supplying the most beautiful wooden floors. With years of experience, we have an extensive knowledge of wooden flooring and the craftsmanship that's required to carry out a first class installation.

Visit our showroom at 2a Moor Lane, Lancaster LA1 1QD to see our great range of solid, engineered and laminate flooring. Hardwood and Laminated floors have always been the height of fashion – and there is nothing more hygenic and functional for modern day living.

With wood and pre-formed finished flooring, the installation is quick, easy and can provide a cost effective floor that is of exceptional quality and value; many of our flooring ranges come with a full product guarantee.

At Kings Carpets we try and help all our customers in making the right choice of flooring to suit their needs and budgets. By offering an in-house design service we can assist you in making the right choice of either wood or laminate flooring. We can also advise on durability, and the right choice of floor to suit your requirements, décor, lighting and furniture.

Wood flooring has a timeless look and it gives a house a warm feel.But there's almost too much information out there about wood flooring, making it hard to know what's what. By speaking to Kings Carpets we can advise you on the best option to achieve the style you are looking for.

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For more information on warranties or additional care options for our wide range of products just ask in store.




With our climate being very damp it is very important that a wood and laminate floor is installed correctly. It is very important that no damp is present in the sub floor. If there is any doubt we will test humidity levels. We can take the required steps to elimate moisture from your room. If your property was built before 1960 it is more likely that there is no damp proof membrane.